Monday, May 30, 2011

The Muse

Having a long weekend turned out to be a really good thing, because not only did I get to make an armature and then cut it up, but I also mapped out a torso and leg-nubbies. "Leg nubbies" are, for lack of a better description, bits of wire with joints attached to them. Right now they are separate from the body, since they aren't strong enough yet to support the heavy mass.

This piece is drawn from my own selfish desire for a loping pleasure horse (who still will be coming, mark my words!). After sending some of my confidants pictures of what I envisioned, I was told that they wanted something bigger, more forward, and more versatile. So... that told me that I needed to do something other than a stock horse. I still want to do something cantering, since there are a million and one trotting horses out there; and still wanted to do something that will be performance friendly.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for draft crosses. They have this charming, naughty quality about them. Prior to Leggs, I had a draft cross who rode like a couch. She was a point-and-shoot jumper that made it so easy to fly around a course, and being so smooth it was like riding a cloud. This is the type of horse I wanted to capture in this piece. I had tried a small classic-sized version almost 2 years ago (that never really got off the ground), but now I wanted to try it again with new techniques and a fresh outlook.

In hunting for reference, I came across this guy. He is *perfect*... the body type I was looking for (heavy but not too heavy), and a face that is just gorgeous-- reading immediately both drafty but refined. The soft eye is just perfect as well. This guy, Charlie, is going to be my muse for this next piece. Pics coming soon of the armature once the leg-nubbies are filled out and it can stand on its own!

And here is the pose for this handsome guy:
Base or no base? I personally feel no base in favor of (short) acrylic rods... but I definitely need feedback!


TankDiveGirl said...

Rods, definitely. He's going to be amazing! Glad to see you back blogging again!

Liesl said...

That is what I was thinking would be better... I myself tend to move away from bases since they are harder to use in performance, and this guy would only need 1 in the front foot about 1/2" long. I can have the rear toe just touching the ground so that would be the third point of contact. I want to make sure he isn't tippy but at the same time not a slave to the base. I will know better once I get the legs on him and start fussing with distribution!

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous! I can't wait to see how he turns out.

Four Corners Tack said...

No base no base! I really hate big bases and they can often put me off buying a piece.