Monday, July 28, 2008

the week after Bfest

Why is it whenever you go away for a while, when you come back you always get sick? I should have seen it coming... between the stress, not sleeping, and general crazy pace I've been keeping, it was only a matter of time that it caught up to me. This past week has been just miserable all the way around, between fending off what feels like a cold, to the intense humidity... UGH! All I wanted to do is curl up in my air conditioned bedroom and sleep all week.

So, that is really what I did for the most part. I haven't felt comfortable shipping anything, and trying to paint in this weather... just forget it. We got thunderstorms all yesterday that helped cool things off for that evening, but now its more humid than ever! I feel like I'm sweating just sitting here typing. yuck. I've been feeling so crappy that I haven't even had a chance to write about Bfest (which definitely was an improvement after my bad time getting to/at NAN). I will write about that soon though.

In other news, I am working away on commissions and should be able to take on new work in August some time. I think that this next offering may be my last for a bit, as Greg and I are preparing to move in the early fall. We've found a gorgeous house where both Greg and I can have studios right there on the property, and we can have the horses right there and there are hiking/riding trails all around. We both just fell in love with it.

We don't know exactly when all this will happen yet, it depends when we can close on the house and get everything in order. I know that as soon as we get closer to that point that I'll be busy getting everything packed up etc. So, don't be alarmed if I start putting up things for sale in an effort to 'cull the herd!' I'll have some tack, resins, odds and ends, etc. I'll post it on the MHSP as I get it photographed.

I have a lot to tell about my NAN/Bfest trip, but need some time to think that out before I post. I'll get that done soon!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm back!

Yes, I've been feeling quite opinionated lately, and so I thought I'd get my blog back up and running. I'll be making very regular installments!

This blog will be devoted to keeping everyone updated on my progress on various horses, but also as a sounding board for thoughts and ideas on how to improve our hobby in all facets. I needed an *intelligent* outlet to voice my thoughts and to pose questions and hypotheticals. Hopefully some good will come from discussions like this since it will give an open forum for constructive conversation.

Alright... time to get this saved and get back to work... I'll post a bit later in the evening.