Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lilly... in her clay mold!!

I just got these photos from Jenn Scott today of Lilly all clayed up!! How much fun is THIS??

Jenn is doing her casting and production. It is so exciting to see the process along the way. Most standing horses need a 3 piece mold. One piece for each side, and then one piece for in between the legs (that's why on most standing pieces you prep, you see the upside down V in the chest and under the tail).

I can't wait to see the next piece of her progress!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boogie's home!

After 4 years, my gelding "Booger" is finally home from his lease. He was being leased by an 8 year old who was showing walk-trot... and now that she is done, I asked for him to come home. He got off the trailer today, and it was SO nice to see him. They have been taking really good care of him... I laughed to see him with such a big belly!

Booger is a once in a lifetime type of horse, because he is totally inflappable. He's been this way since he was a baby; nothing rattles him. Even though he hasn't been on our farm for years, and even though there were lots of changes (particularly next door at the neighbors, since they didn't have horses when he left)... and he looked around, thought to himself "Huh, that wasn't there before" and walked around a bit, rolled (stopping halfway to have a snack)... like business was usual. He didn't even seem to notice the 2 mares in the pasture next to him *freaking out* because of the handsome new man that they've never seen before.

I look forward to working with him this coming week. He hasn't been ridden all season, and before that he was ridden by a kid who weighs MAYBE 40 lbs.... so I'm sure there will be some grunting and groaning when I get on! :-)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Sorry for the radio silence!

Its been a while since my last post... and its because my show is FAST approaching-- just one week away! Its the first show I've ever hosted, and although its been fun, its also been a LOT of planning. Its going to be great!!

The eye-candy in the above picture is a Vegas medallion by Jenn Scott. He'll be available tomorrow at silent auction.

I will be sure to post all sorts of pictures after the show. I also will have progress pics of horses this coming week. I am trying to get ALL the last minute show stuff done this weekend so that this coming week I can focus on getting 2 horses painted in time to deliver!