Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Canter Cadence Question

Say that ten times fast!

So now that I have things starting to come together, I need to put the leg nubbies into a frame. A suggestion was made to put him on the ground, totally base and rod-free... which certainly appeals to me. Here is what I was originally thinking:
With the rear toe touching the ground, and a short acrylic rod in the down front foot for 3 points of contact. But, would people prefer something else? Here are some other ideas:
I'd be curious to get your thoughts on it!


Anonymous said...

I really like the second picture- I've always loved that phase of the canter.

Liesl said...

I like that phase too... my worry is its too K. Cadencey? I think I am going to go with my gut on this one... pics to follow shortly after I get the legs put on.

Anonymous said...

I like the second picture. There are a few resins in the same phase of the canter as photo 3, I really like photo 2.